Is Facebook Therapeutic?

It was February 2004, when it is started “Facebook” to Cambridge, as a social network service. Mark Zuckerberg, and some of his fellow university planned facebook initially and exclusively for the students of Harvard’s University, but it was soon opened to students of another school like Boston, Ivy League and Standford University.

Today one billion of people has facebook. Now, we try to image a big square as the whole of China. Is facebook so big as you think? No, indeed it can be compared as a square of the village of countryide.

When we write something, any thoughts,an outlet, in reality is not read by one billion of people, but from our square. This is dangerous. To cause I compare facebook to a therapy. But clearly is not true. Facebook is not a therapy. However is a bulletin board of our anxiety, fears, or of our happiness or hopes. To write a phrases about a emotion that in that moment we are trying, makes us feel better. As if our fears sharing them by our “virtual” friends, would disappear like clouds in the wind. We give you, a bit to you, and so on.

Suddenly we feel better. That’s wonderful! This became a very common way to download anxiety, tension, ect.. Is this therapy? No, absolutely. Is not difficolt recognize the mood of the people. Not alls users share recipes of tasty dishes or good cake. many people share their intimate things, but in a square of the village, it is dangerous. Why?

Because our employer can see that we sent him to hell, or our mate would make bullying. But especially there are one thousand of eyes that read what we wrote, but also one thousand of evaluations and one thousand thoughts about what you’ve written.The peole murmurs, judges, while we continue to put ourselves, oru intimate. We rape us with facebook. Let’s use itwiselylogo facebook

Dott. Amleto Petrarca

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Is Facebook Therapeutic?
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